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5 Tips to Ensure Your Website Design is an Effective Lead Generator

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Once you know that your site can be found. You need to ensure you are engaging with visitors and turning them into leads. Here are five top tips to enable your site to drive leads.

1. Ready for landing

The average web user has a short attention span measured in seconds. It is for this reason that you should consider employing a landing page.  A landing page is the first page a visitor sees when they hit your site. It should quickly answer the questions they will be considering:

  • Am I interested in this site?
  • What should I do? – Is there a clear ‘call to action’

You can create a landing page which engages the visitor with a simple description of your product or service – the ‘offer’. This should be simple with minimal clear content that delivers value to them and a clear call to action.  The call to action is a form which captures the individuals details such as their name and email address. It allows them to engage immediately and allows you to capture them as a lead.  You could consider an offer as a discount for their first purchase or a download, for example an ebook which offers value.

2. Let people know who you are

Ensure you have your phone number and address listed. This will not only add reassurance that this is real website. It will also allow the individual to visit to your location. Many searches on smartphones are for local providers. Showing that you are local can increase engagement.

3. Ensure your web design is mobile friendly

It should go without saying that mobile internet is massive. Despite this there are still many sites which cannot be effectively viewed on a mobile device.  If a user cannot read a site on their phone or tablet they will go and find the next one which they can! Don’t lose potential leads for something as simple as having an effective mobile site.

4. Offer Testimonials and Reviews

People what to know that you offer an excellent service and that you can be trusted. One of the best ways to demonstrate this is to have reviews on your website. These could be testimonials you gather yourself from your customers. Or reviews on third party sites including TripAdvisor or Trustpilot. These can show it is not just you saying that you do a good job, but this is proven by satisfied customers.

5. Monitor and analyse your site regularly

The internet does not stand still. You need to be sure that you are running effective analytical tools to track your target audience. Where are your leads being generated and what are the most effective keywords. In this way you tailor and update your SEO strategy and content to ensure you remain effective

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